Case Study

Measurable Results:
Top Rated MSP Sees Significant Improvements in Turnaround Times and Cost Savings

WorkforceLogic® (WFL) is a leader in delivering global workforce management and risk mitigation solutions that give businesses of all sizes improved control over their contingent workforce programs.

WFL partnered with Certifinder to see if their advanced AQ platform could improve the time it took to receive background-screening results and generate cost savings that could be passed along to their clients.

Time Savings
WFL had been using several different screening providers with mixed results. Turnaround times were averaging 48 to 96 hours in most US jurisdictions with some regions significantly worse. After the switch to Certifinder, turnaround times improved across the board with the overall average dropping to 27.6 hours. By reducing the time it took to get the background screening results back, WFL was able to get people to work much faster and improve the level of service they provide to their clients.

"We are crazy busy here at WFL with all of the submissions coming in. Just wanted you to know that we appreciate all your help and are always amazed by the turnaround times!" --Evet Sahakian, WFL

Cost Savings
Reducing the cost of the hiring process is an important issue for every company. For WFL, it is core to what they bring to their clients and they were anxious to see what Certifinder could deliver. WFL was averaging $30 per candidate for background screening. After the switch to Certifinder, the average cost per candidate dropped to $18 for the same level of background check. WFL was able to pass these lower costs directly to their clients, saving them 40% annually on background screening.

Certifinder’s AQ platform delivered for WorkforceLogic and their clients. Faster turnaround times and real cost savings along with advanced technology and personalized customer service.

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